Welcome to PerfectLum

PerfectLum is a DICOM calibration software and a medical display quality control application, designed to calibrate and verify medical displays that are used for diagnostics or viewing of medical images in radiology, radiological sciences, endoscopy, tomography, ultrasound, medical photography and microscopy.

Qubyx offers PerfectLum 3 medical display calibration application and PerfectLum Suite, a medical monitor calibration and quality control tool – both based on the medical standards NEMA DICOM part 14 GSDF, AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-57, JESRA X-0093 and IEC 62563-1. PerfectLum 3 is designed to perform calibration to these standards, while PerfectLum Suite software performs not only calibration, but also acceptance and constancy tests, as well as maintains consistency to all medical workstations. The use of this medical display QA tool enables healthcare professionals to maintain their displays to international standards of quality.

PerfectLum Suite Features
  • Calibrates all displays to the DICOM part 14 GSDF and CIE L* standard
  • Updates video card LUT or display LUT for displays that comply with the DDC/CI standard
  • Performs acceptance and constancy tests for medical monitor quality assurance
  • Schedules constancy tests automatically and reminds to perform them
  • Test patterns to visually check calibration results
  • DICOM conformance
  • Supports calibration of multi-head display systems
  • History log for comparing and checking the results of calibrations and QA tests performed
  • Color measurement capability
  • Supports many brands of photometers
  • License supports all users on the installed workstation
  • Remote display management system
  • Automated medical monitor quality assurance

Why PerfectLum?

Extremely precise calibration

The medical display calibration software performs calibration on all shades of gray, achieving neutral gray shades and the lowest Delta E values. It also adjusts the white point to the desired target value in candelas, defined in preferences. This ensures that the observer sees colors correctly, as the aspect of an image is influenced by colors in the grays, not just luminance.

Conformance to international standards

PerfectLum medical display calibration tool performs DICOM part 14 GSDF, CIE L* and Gamma calibrations to ensure that a display conforms to most demanding requirements. PerfectLum DICOM calibration guarantees quality of images for diagnostic images professionals, and thus ensures accuracy of diagnosis.

Standardized quality control

PerfectLum Suite medical monitor QA tool performs acceptance and constancy tests to AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-57, new DIN 6868-157 Norm-Entwurf, JESRA X-0093, and IEC 62563-1, making the test procedure as simple as possible. Medical display quality assurance becomes easier than ever.

Easy and centralized display management

With PerfectLum Remote display management system, an unlimited number of displays in multiple healthcare facilities can be controlled remotely. No need to visit each clinic for quality assurance procedures – every test can be run remotely from the server!

Tremendous cost savings

The combination of PerfectLum medical monitor calibration and QA tool and a quality consumer display can outperform most expensive displays on the medical market, and also save thousands of dollars. While the average total price for a commercial display and PerfectLum bundle would make less than 2.000 USD, the average sales price for similar 4mp medical-grade monitors is approximately 6.900 USD. This enables hospitals, utilizing hundreds of such displays for diagnostics and reviewing of medical images, to make enormous cost savings of up to 300%.

Read more about PerfectLum display calibration and Quality Assurance features, as well as PerfectLum Remote Display Control system.

PerfectLum is a medical display calibration software.                     PerfectLum Suite is a medical monitor quality control tool.                 PerfectLum features a Remote display management system