Remote Control

PerfectLum goes with a completely free Remote Management license. PerfectLum Remote Control is a centralized remote display management system, enabling a system administrator to control all displays in multiple hospitals and radiology practices from a single location. And the best thing about it is – it is totally FREE.

Total 24-hour Control

With PerfectLum Remote display management a system administrator can calibrate and verify all displays in multiple hospitals and radiology practices from a single location, with a 24-hour access to any of the connected client machines. Staying in the office, the administrator can control performance of hundreds of displays, even if they are located on the other side of the planet. Via a well structured tree menu all information about any workstation and display can be accessed.

If there is a problem with a display – e.g. failed calibration or quality control test – the supervisor will be informed about the display’s status on the home page.

Moreover, an automatic alert system notifies the administrator via e-mail whenever a calibration or a QA test on one of the client machines is failed.

Local, web-based or relay server

There are various possibilities of running the Remote server. PerfectLum Remote server can be installed in a local network and function without an internet connection. A web server can also be used, connecting all client machines directly to the server. Finally, a relay server can be installed in the local network, being connected both to this local network and the internet with its two ethernet boards. In this way, relay server allows the user to use a local network (without internet access), but still run a web-based server. When forwarding data from the local network to the web server, relay server encrypts it to ensure data security.

Scheduling of Tasks

PerfectLum Remote display QA system shows overviews of due tasks for every workstation and display with the possibility to add or delete tasks like display calibration or white level check.

Reports, History and Statistics

Reports and history with results of any procedure for any of the connected client machines can be viewed at any time using PerfectLum Remote display management system.

For every display there is an extensive statistic section with over time curves of white and black points, AAPM deviation, display working hours, etc.

Asset Management

PerfectLum Remote display QA tool not only allows the user to maintain the quality of displays, but is also a helpful partner in tracking and managing assets. All displays can be searched for serial numbers and model numbers or inventory numbers.

Asset management in PerfectLum Remote display management system.

Asset management in PerfectLum Remote display management system.

Saving Time and Costs

Quality Assurance procedures are rather costly and time-consuming for both healthcare facilities and QA supervisors who manage them. Some of the quality assurance supervisors run dozens of hospitals countrywide, so maintaining quality of every display in each of them is a very challenging task. With PerfectLum Remote display management system supervisors will benefit from not wasting time and money on travelling from hospital to hospital, and hospitals will not have to interrupt the workflow and lose precious time, thus being able to focus on diagnostics.

Free and Secure Server Hosting

With PerfectLum Remote display management system there is no need to bother installing and maintaining your own server. We will run the server for you and rid you from hosting expenditures. Our maintenance services are provided with security in mind: the Remote display QA system uses a secure https internet connection and data encryption to ensure the safety of user data. Click here to find out more about how secure Remote Management System is.

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