PerfectLum Improves Dental Care in Sweden

PerfectLum DICOM calibration and medical display QA tool improves dental care in Sweden.

October 03, 2011, Gothenburg, Sweden – QUBYX PerfectLum software, designed for medical displays calibration and quality assurance, is again successfully applied to improve imaging quality of professional monitors. Now PerfectLum medical monitor calibration tool helps to enhance imaging precision of OLORIN displays in Swedish dental clinics. Quality of digital X-Ray images is a matter of diagnostic accuracy, and now dentists are assured they always have the most correct images to make their judgments from.

Over the past year State Dental Care clinics in Sweden installed more than 3000 OLORIN VistaLine X-Ray viewing displays along with PerfectLum server and client software for calibration and quality monitoring. OLORIN monitors are equipped with integrated front luminance sensor and integrated hardware LUT (Look Up Table), which enables fully automatic calibration, controlled remotely with PerfectLum remote display management system.

“We are happy to be able to deliver high quality products together with OLORIN,” says Marc Leppla, Director of QUBYX. “OLORIN displays are not only equipped with latest technology, such as front sensor, backlight stabilization and internal Look Up Table, but are also very reliable and consistent. We are glad that collaboration of these professional displays with our medical display calibration software has delivered an excellent product that helps to improve performance of dental practitioners in Sweden.”

PerfectLum medical monitor calibration and QA application provides confidence in display image quality for dental professionals and easy full-time quality control for QA technicians. Highly precise images on PerfectLum calibrated displays allow more accurate diagnosis, which is a matter of health care quality for dentists.

The ability of PerfectLum to perform calibration and QA tasks remotely from a central server contributes to considerable time and cost saving. Moreover, OLORIN displays quality will be maintained throughout their usable life, with PerfectLum medical display quality control application making these professional monitors function much longer. Now dental clinics do not have to update their displays in the course of time, which allows substantial cost savings.

State dental care (Folktandvården) in Sweden comprises 50% of all dental care in the country, with around 30 clinics in each of the 21 regions. Having installed high quality OLORIN X-Ray viewing monitors, equipped with QUBYX PerfectLum medical display calibration software, State dental care is now able to provide the most accurate diagnosis and the highest quality health care for its patients.

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OLORIN is a Swedish company, specializing in monitors in various niche areas. We have extensive experience with performance and workplace environment in mind. All our products are specific and meet unique requirements, both in terms of performance and design. We supply screens primarily to customers in Scandinavia and Europe, but also reach customers in other parts of the world, with our screens installed in Sydney, Shanghai, Caracas and Dubai. Sales and support outside of Sweden are made through our sister company OLORIN BV in Netherlands and through partners in Denmark, Norway, Germany and France in each market.

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