QUBYX Integrated PEHAMED Meters in Medical Monitor QA Tool

11/22/2011, Nice, France – QUBYX, a technology contributor to medical imaging and color management industries, today announced that it has integrated digital luminance meters CD-Mon and CD-Lux by PEHA Medical Equipment GmbH, designed to perform acceptance and constancy tests on medical monitors, in PerfectLum 3.0 medical display quality control application. Now PerfectLum supports even more models of measurement devices.

PEHAMED CD-Mon and CD-Lux are digital luminance meters, designed to perform acceptance and constancy tests on image displays devices, such as monitors, screens or image display units according to DIN V 6868-57, and on viewing devices according to DIN 6856. These high-end sensors measure luminance, including the influence of ambient light, on medical imaging devices.

With PerfectLum 3.0 DICOM calibration application, PEHAMED luminance meters can now be used not only for acceptance and constancy tests, but also for DICOM calibration. In this way, functionality of CD-Mon and CD-Lux is considerably enriched, allowing not only conformance of imaging quality to medical standards, but enhancement of imaging precision as required by these standards.

“We are happy to integrate high-quality Pehamed measurement devices in our software,” says Marc Leppla, Director of QUBYX. “ We believe these professional devices together with our medical monitor calibration software will provide a high-end product to impress QUBYX and PEHAMED customers.”

PEHAMED will demonstrate PerfectLum with its luminance meters CD-Mon and CD-Lux at RSNA 2011 in Chicago. Visitors are welcome at PEHAMED booth 6202 in Hall A (the South Building).


The PEHA Medical Equipment GmbH, a dynamic company with operations around the world, was founded in 1975 and is located in Sulzbach (Taunus) in Hesse, Germany. The company develops, produces and sells measurement and test instruments for quality assurance in medical X-ray as well as X-ray accessories. Today, thanks to its full line of proven quality assurance products, PEHAMED ranks as one of the worldwide market leaders in this specialized industry. Click here for more information about PEHAMED Medical QA Tools.