Spyder4 Integrated In Medical Display Calibration and QA Tool

04/02/2012 – QUBYX Limited has announced that their DICOM calibration software and medical display QA tool PerfectLum 3.0, developed specifically for medical imaging industry, now supports the new enhanced model of Spyder, one of the most commercially successful colorimeters in the display calibration market.

“We believe that the new Spyder4 in combination with PerfectLum medical monitor calibration and QA application will provide a critical tool to the medical imaging industry,” says Marc Leppla, Director of QUBYX. “The enhanced fourth-generation Spyder with the new improved version 3.0 of PerfectLum will be able to calibrate any consumer display to the level of accuracy and quality our customers are expecting.”

Spyder4 is a patented, full-spectrum 7-color consumer sensor from DataColor, using edge detection to provide sensitive and accurate color response. The fourth-generation Spyder improvements include double-shielded filters, which, according to DataColor, are expected to provide more long-term stability and improve meter accuracy by 26% compared to the Spyder3.

PerfectLum is a medical display calibration and quality assurance software, designed to calibrate and verify the displays, utilized in medical imaging industry. PerfectLum is capable of performing DICOM, Gamma and CIE L calibrations, as well as acceptance and constancy tests for such medical industry standards as AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-57, JESRA X-0093 and IEC 62563-1.

The fourth-generation Spyder is an even more reliable and accurate display calibration tool than its predecessor, but not less affordable. With PerfectLum supporting Spyder4, this consumer sensor can be utilized in professional medical imaging industry to run a full range of calibration and quality control operations, necessary for medical monitor quality assurance. Enhancing the performance of any display, PerfectLum and Spyder4 will allow radiology practitioners to utilize cheaper consumer ones without having to compromise quality. The combination of PerfectLum 3.0 with quality commercial displays will enable hospitals to make substantial cost savings as compared to traditional medical displays.

About DataColor

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