Security of PerfectLum Remote Management

PerfectLum Remote Management is not only an efficient display management system, but also a highly secure one.

HIPAA Compliance

  • Qubyx Remote is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

  • Qubyx Remote Display QA System has no access to Protected Health Information (PHI). None of it is stored, transmitted or accessible by the system.

Protected User Information

  • Each facility has unique authorization data, so its user account and client information in it can be accessed only by authorized personnel of the facility.

  • Authorization data is encrypted, so it is impossible to retrieve login information even by hacking the server.

Secure Server-Client Communication

  • The Remote server does not use and store the IP of the client, so it is impossible to retrieve a client IP from the server even when it is hacked.

  • The server does not send any commands or initiate synchronization, it is the client that does it. Thus, the server can not be used as a backdoor, and the client can be re-located and use a different IP address without any changes in server-client communication.

Relay Server: Advanced Data Security

Qubyx Remote Display Management System can be installed with a relay server, as recommended by NEMA Security and Privacy Requirements for Remote Servicing. In this case, the relay server functions as an additional shield between the local Client network and the web-based Remote server.

  • Clients are connected only to the relay server, which packs and encrypts the data it receives from them. So, client machines can function in a local network without Internet connection.

  • The relay server is further synchronized with the Remote web server via a secure https internet connection. The encryption of packages communication between the relay and the central web server is 2 layers asymmetric encryption, which provides very high security level.