QUBYX Products Now Provided by a US Reseller

QUBYX has signed a reseller agreement with a US company Shareden Group

10/25/2012, Nice, France – QUBYX Ltd., a developer of medical display solutions, and Shareden Group, a Healthcare IT tools provider, have signed a partnership agreement, authorizing Shareden Group as a QUBYX reseller in the United States.

“Our partnership with Shareden Group is certain to be beneficial for our expansion to the American medical imaging market,” says Marc Leppla, QUBYX Director and CTO. “We are confident that Shareden Group has the expertise it takes to ensure the best support and service for our US customers.”

QUBYX products, from now on supplied by Shareden Group, include medical display calibration tool PerfectLum, its extended version with display QA features PerfectLum Suite, and PerfectLum software  in bundle with the DICOM-calibrated Dell U3011 display.

PerfectLum application calibrates medical monitors to DICOM, CIE L* or Gamma, checks white and black levels, calibration conformance, as well as creates ICC profiles for a display. PerfectLum Suite, along with these features, is able to perform AAPM, DIN, IEC, and JESRA acceptance and constancy tests, which makes it a crucial medical display QA tool. The software is also provided with a free remote display control system, which allows scheduling and starting tasks on multiple machines from a central administrator account.

The DICOM-compliant Dell U3011 display is provided in bundle with PerfectLum Suite software. Certified by the FDA, it is a fully functional 30-inch 4MP clinical review display. The bundled software enables the user to perform QA tests and re-calibrations, using the 10-bit LUT of the display.

Shareden Group offers and extensive product portfolio of healthcare IT solutions. These include medical monitor applications, online patient registration tools, cloud document management, EHR, and other solutions. With the products and services, offered by the company, its customers can have a single provider of services and tools for medical imaging.

About Shareden Group

Shareden Group is a value added reseller and Health IT consulting company, supplying IT solutions to medical facilities in the USA. Products and services, provided by Shareden Group, serve to enhance workflow, data access, and patients engagement, as well as improve clinical processes management. To read more about the Shareden Group, please go to www.sharedengroup.com.