PerfectLum 3.5 DICOM Calibration Application for Mac Released

22/03/2013, Wilmington, DE, USA – QUBYX has announced the launch of PerfectLum 3.5 for Mac, the latest version of DICOM calibration software for diagnostic workstations, based on Mac OS.

“More and more medical imaging pros turn to Mac workstations. The problem is that most DICOM viewing and calibration applications are developed for Windows,” says Marc Leppla, Director of QUBYX. “PerfectLum calibration software for Mac is developed and steadily updated for these users, letting them analyze DICOM-compliant images on Mac machines as well.”

PerfectLum is a medical display calibration and QA tool, with such functions as DICOM, CIE L* calibrations and conformance, AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-157 acceptance and constancy testing, ICC profile generation, white and black level calibration. Improving performance of even consumer-grade displays to the requirements of medical standards, PerfectLum allows using more affordable monitors for medical imaging. With a scheduler feature and a Remote display management system, which enables system admins and QA supervisors to maintain quality of monitors from one location, PerfectLum is a time-efficient calibration solution, that ensures constant quality control.

New version 3.5 of PerfectLum medical display calibration software features improved calibration and profiling, better DDC/CI support and extended hardware support (more models of displays and sensors, such as Dell UltraSharp U3014, U2713h, U2413 displays and Gossen MavoSpot photometer, are supported now, and native support of most popular graphic cards is added). In addition to this, the new version has a number of user interface improvements, such as automatic detection of sensor information and user specified logos in calibration and QA reports.

Users of PerfectLum 3.0 can upgrade for free by downloading the update from PerfectLum downloads page. When the update is installed, the software will keep all history and preferences data. New users are encouraged to try a free demo version, that is available on the above mentioned page.