Qubyx Offers a Buy Back Program for VerilLum Users

QUBYX announced a new Buy Back program specifically designed to meet and exceed all VeriLum users’ needs. As an Image Smiths customer, we are confident you have been enjoying the benefits of using VeriLUM calibration software. Since IMAGE Smiths is no longer in business, isn’t it time to take those benefits to the next level?

QUBYX is offering the opportunity for a simple switch to PerfectLum Suite software from VeriLUM software with an additional bonus in the form of a 200 USD discount for VeriLUM users and with a clear and well-trodden path to future value and more innovation.

PerfectLum DICOM calibration and QA software is a high-quality, cost-efficient solution primarily designed for use in medical imaging. It is designed to comply with the most demanding requirements of professionals in the medical industry, as well as to satisfy the needs of those who require the most precise color and image quality available.

PerfectLum is compatible with Mac OS starting from version 10.6 and Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) and Windows 8, which means saving costs in the future.

QUBYX team is ready to work closely with VeriLum customers, helping them to achieve a smooth transition during the switching process. Based on their current needs, customers will be offered comparable and more comprehensive functionality using PerfectLum offerings.

The benefits VeriLum users will have include but are not limited to:

- the opportunity to save costs (no need to buy a new sensor – the old one is compatible);

- better calibration quality;

- luminance AND color calibration;

- not only display calibration, but also display verification;

- remote control system, that allows centralized quality assurance etc.

Still not sure if you should switch? Feel free to download Qubyx DICOM calibration software and medical display QA tools. Our products have a 15-day trial period for you to make sure of their quality and user-friendliness:


Everyone interested in PerfectLum and this offer is welcome to contact QUBYX at info@qubyx.com

Want to switch from something other than VeriLUM? Let us know and we will check the software for compatibility.