PerfectLum and Sony: Qubyx Offers Wider Display Compatibility

30/04/2014, Wilmington, DE, USA - QUBYX announces integration of further SONY displays and taking another step at broadening PerfectLum hardware compatibility.

Although PerfectLum calibration and verification software can be truly called universal in terms of displays, graphicboards, Operating Systems (Win XP, Win7, Win8 32 and 64 BIT, Mac OS X), and measurement device compatibility, QUBYX is constantly working on various updates in order to achieve an even higher level of quality.

“Our goal is continuous improvement and high functionality”, says Marc Leppla, director and CTO of QUBYX. “Customer-centered approach is the core of our philosophy. Probably this is why we decided to invest much time into making sure that PerfectLum is now available to users of SONY displays, providing them with an outstanding level of image quality.”

SONY displays have front and presence sensors, and QUBYX team used this advantage as the basis for developing further compatibility. As a result, with the help of QUBYX remote QA software SONY display users can perform not only NEMA DICOM part 14 GSDF calibrations, but also DIN 6868-57, AAPM TG18, JESRA X-0093 acceptance and conformance testing. The internal LUT (Look Up Table) of the SONY displays allows PerfectLum to perform very accurate adjustments of the displays.

The list of displays which are supported* by PerfectLum is therefore extended and now includes:

Sony color displays:

    • Sony LMD-DM20C
    • Sony LMD-DM30C
    • Sony LMD-DM50C

Sony grayscale displays:

    • Sony LMD-DM20
    • Sony LMD-DM30
    • Sony LMD-DM50

Totoku color displays:

    • Totoku CCL254i2
    • Totoku CCL256i2
    • Totoku CCL258i2
    • Totoku CCL352i2
    • Totoku CCL354i2
    • Totoku CCL356i2
    • Totoku CCL358i2

*background calibration, front sensor integration, hardware calibration and remote QA. All these features are available both for Mac and Windows users.​