Qubyx Offers Opportunities for Mac OS Users

The amount of people using Mac OS in medical imaging is constantly growing. For instance, among approximately 25,000 physicians—about one third of them radiologists—are viewing medical images on Apple’s Macintosh computers. The growing interest in Macs in radiology mirrors what’s happening with Macs in general2

A lot of hospitals which implemented Mac OS-based systems are ready to share their experience, for instance Mayo Clinic, Planète Ortho, RehabCare, Universitätsklinik Mannheim and many more3.

With these successful examples and increasing number of home offices it is easy to predict even higher rates of using Mac OS in the nearest future. So, the issue of image quality, which was not so long ago burning for Windows users working in the field of medical imaging, has now become vital for Mac users, too.

If you have to rely on exceptional image quality, your hardware should be regularly tested (bi-weekly, quarterly or annually) to make sure its performance still maintains the necessary level of image quality.The QA procedure can include, but is not limited to:

- acceptance testing and other documentation as appropriate;

- DICOM Grayscale Standard Display Function (GSDF) verification;

- quantitative assessment of the brightness (luminance);

<p”>- quantitative determination of the luminance ratio etc4

With these factors in mind, our developers created a powerful, yet simple-to-use solution which completely takes the issue of reliable QA for Macintosh OS off the table.

One of the most effective ways to achieve an outstanding level of image quality is to calibrate and then regularly verify the display. QUBYX is pleased to present PerfectLum, a calibration and verification software, which provides such a level of quality that it is trusted by healthcare professionals worldwide:PennMedicine the University of Pennsylvania Health System, USA; UMM Universitätsklink Mannheim Heidelberg, Germany; Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar; Uppsala Hospital, Sweden; University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA; University of Arizona, USA and many others.

Here are some reasons to be considered by Mac users:

1. PerfectLum performs acceptance and constancy tests to verify that the display conforms to NEMA DICOM part 14 GSDF, AAPM TG18, DIN 6868-57, JESRA X-0093 and IEC 62563-1 and other standards.

2. The software is very user-friendly – it was created based on a simple wizard-driven approach, so you’ll be guided through all the steps.

3. PerfectLum automatically schedules the tests to be performed in the future and reminds the user about them on the day the tests are due.

4. You can easily perform calibration, verification, and quality assurance tests from a single location using PerfectLum Remote Management. A notifier on the machine will remind the user to perform the task when it is due.

5. PerfectLum provides proof of maintenance for all your displays – you can export the report as a pdf document, print, and file it.

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