QUBYX Is Going To Team Up With Display Manufacturers To Increase The Value Of Image Reproduction Hardware

The real requirement for monitor calibration is actually very obvious, as without it you will never be able to see images as they were intended. This is true for both, TV and computer displays used for different purposes, either for professional or home consumer needs.

Nowadays most displays are provided with factory calibration. Unfortunately the monitors almost never reproduce colors exactly the same, even if they are identical brands and models. This can be explained by the fact that even the same models can be manufactured in different facilities and not in the same way. In addition, despite of being factory calibrated, displays tend to change over time, which influences the accuracy of the image reproduction.

Beyond this, many TV and computer displays are provided with different ‘professional’ calibration pre-sets, which are apparently aimed to improve and adjust image quality. In fact such settings shouldn’t be considered as the accurate ones.

A lot of display manufacturers offer calibration software and a puck packaged with the display to let a user to perform software calibration if he wants to. Software calibration works by modifying the colors via the computer graphics board and loading those colors every time after booting up into your operating system.

But if you are serious about calibration, the best options for you are to use a display’s LUT (Look Up Table) or 3D LUT. Hardware calibration generates a Look-Up Table that is written into the monitor to map all the colors. Brightness, contrast and color levels will be automatically adjusted by the display through calibration software. Compared to software, hardware calibration (so called ‘internal’ calibration) is more accurate, faster and easier.

Open new markets and expand existing ones

Medical imaging along with geospatial, photography, design and prepress are the major markets, utilizing displays and projectors. These markets are growing rapidly, but they are also becoming more demanding day by day. Our qualified team of developers will help monitor manufacturers create products with added value, increasing the demand for them. With more than 15 years of experience in developing high-end display calibration and profiling solutions for our customers, we do know how to meet the requirements of imaging industries. What benefits we offer for hardware manufacturers?

  • Integration of your systems (displays) with internal LUT into the display calibration software PerfectLum and our specialised support. Find out more about PerfectLum here.
  • Help in improving your firmware for the support of internal LUT. This includes capability of simultaneous loading of two and more different calibrations (e.g a user can calibrate his monitor for different viewing conditions and have, for example, an AdobeRGB calibration and an sRGB calibration which can be quickly applied when needed). Calibration results will be saved inside the display and can be applied even on other PCs without any software installation.
  • Delivery of service at a mutually agreeable time.

Having a capability in performing ‘internal’ calibration, your hardware will become a clear winner on the imaging market. We have worked on great projects for some big name clients as Dell Inc., Canon Inc., Diva Laboratories Ltd., Goomedi Laboratories Ltd., Lumimed, Kostec. Co, Ltd., Sony Corporation, Rein Medical GmbH, Olorin AB, SuperSonic Imagine and others.


Do you want to get in touch with us regarding the service? Manufacturers are welcome to contact QUBYX via E-mail: info@qubyx.com or by phone +1 518 618 1012 ext. 43

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