QUBYX Software Tools for Monitor Manufacturers

QUBYX Software Technologies Inc., a provider of highly accurate and easy-to-use software tools used in the medical imaging, photo, desktop publishing, and geospatial technology markets, offers a complete range of customized software solutions. Our products enable display developers to deliver enhanced device performance and superior end user experience to the customers.

QUBYX has a team of highly skilled professionals that will use their technical expertise to successfully implement our solutions and maximize the value of your image reproduction device. Based on your preferences and needs, we will show you all the available options to get an optimal solution.

See how you can improve your product:

  • Screen rotation. It does take time if a user rotates the monitor from landscape to portrait and vice versa regularly. Our screen rotation technology enables to simply rotate the display, and the screen will rotate with it. This means the user will be able to quickly rotate the screen without delving into the Control Panel to change orientation.
  • Desktop Partitioning. Tired of clicking on the window each time you want to switch? Usually need to be able to see multiple applications at the same time? Using QUBYX’s Desktop Partitioning, you can quickly split your screen into two, three, four, or more regions. This way you will be able to see multiple windows at the same time, instead of just one active program.
  • Color Correction. Control your display to obtain the best overall image quality. The brightness and contrast settings are available in the OSD, but changing them may be tricky in practice: for instance, you can spoil the display’s calibration. Customize your display settings, such as brightness, contrast, color calibration, etc. with an easy-to-use software interface.
  • Power Saving. QUBYX’s Power Saving solution allows reducing the display’s power consumption. You can either schedule the display to sleep and wake automatically, or to completely turn off the display at a particular time.
  • Color Management. Apply different color profiles specially intended for picture viewing, photo editing, gaming, movie watching, etc. You can also adjust the look of the display for each application using the settings specially optimized for this application.

Why choose QUBYX as your OEM business partner?

For years, QUBYX has been helping our partners to save valuable development resources and open broader markets easier and faster utilizing our advanced technology and expertise. Our work has been recognized by such well known organizations as Dell Inc., Canon Inc., Diva Laboratories Ltd., Goomedi Laboratories Ltd., Lumimed, Kostec. Co, Ltd., Sony Corporation, Rein Medical GmbH, Olorin AB, SuperSonic Imagine and others. So, if you have a vision for a product that exceeds your in-house development capabilities, you can count on us for both, proven technology, and the support of a dedicated team of developers.

Let’s work together! Drop us an email to get started info@qubyx.com


QUBYX Software Technologies Inc. is a private software development company owned by Mr. Marc Leppla. The QUBYX team is made up of talented and highly qualified IT professionals committed to resolving any challenging issues in collaboration with our clients. We have not only an extensive experience in the field of medical imaging, prepress, and photography, but also a tremendous potential for development in other areas.

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