Just released: PerfectLum 3.9!

Our calibration and QA software PerfectLum has just been updated. The new version solves some quality assurance and compatibility issues.

The DIN 6868-157 test is improved and works just great. Some slight corrections were made to the AAPM TG-18 test. Even faster calibration is enabled in the updated version. If you want more details, feel free to peruse the release notes.

Download PerfectLum calibration and QA app FOR FREE

You are welcome to download new updates directly and replace them manually — just visit the download page to download a fresh copy. Or if you have the older version of PerefctLum running, you can activate the automatic update by clicking on the “Preference” button -> Application and checking the “Update” box.

If you are a PerfectLum user and you have some tips you would like to share with us, send us a message with your suggestions to support@qubyx.com